Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 Book Launches

The Independent out of the UK had a recent article which was subtitled: “…a look back at a year of surprisingly fancy book launches, international incidents, hip-hop Hamlets, schlockbusters, flopbusters and outsize blockbusters.”

I expected some “over the top” launches, but I guess the British are more refined than the US, even in their “schlockbustes.” There was, however, this:
In January, at Twickenham, Mills & Boon celebrated its new series of "Rugby Romances" with champagne, long-stemmed roses and waiters in bow ties, teeny tiny rugby shorts and, um, nothing else….
There seemed to be several duds, like:
Glen David Gold promised to make good on his promise to dress up in a French maid's outfit and serve tea to everyone at his publisher, Sceptre, in return for missing his deadline for Sunnyside. (As the year ends, I'm told, he's still to get his feather duster out.)

The festival was seemingly marred by Geraldine Bedell-gate, the author claiming that her novel The Gulf Between Us had been banned because it involved a gay relationship. But it turned out that the festival merely hadn't invited her.
Ah well, not all book launches can feature wizards or whip toting strippers.

What have you done to make your launch memorable?
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  1. I didn't do a formal launch with my first book, but may think about one for the second - if I can come up a creative idea.

  2. I had way more fun planning my book launch than I did any other event or party I've hosted.

    My book is called "Blood and Groom" and it is a murder mystery centred around a wedding.

    For the launch party, I hired a student to wear a bloody wedding dress and greet guests. My neighbour made a tacky, macabre 'wedding cake' with the groom fallen to the botton & covered in blood. We had a 'toast to the bride' with cheap champagne. But, the best gimmick of all were the customized roses we gave to each guest. This florist I know at can print anything on real flowers, so he had my book title and cover on 150 single, long stemmed roses. He also printed individual petals that were strewn around teh room and he made a 'bridal bouquet' also with custom printed flowers.

    Memorable indeed! Have a look at the pictures:

    Cheers, Jill

  3. Hmmm, it's all about marketing, I guess...

  4. Wow, what an opportunity to put a good spin on a book, with an innovative launch! The possibilities seem limitless ...

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Helen, and a wonderful New Year too. Enjoy!

  5. Thank you Joanne. I hope your holidays are wonderful as well.

    Jill, I remember the post you did about your launch. The pictures were great! That sounded like one of the best launches.

  6. I just had a celebration at the largest independent bookstore in Albuquerque, with cake (cover of book on the cake) and drinks. It was simple, but magical for me.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmans and a blessed New Year, Helen.

  7. I'm not that far along in my writing journey yet! But I'll remember some of these for what to do and what not to do :)

  8. Yay! Karen! I'm so glad your debut went well. Did you get a pic of the cake?

  9. Wow, compared to the guys in rugby shorts and Jill's "wedding" party, my book launch for "One Small Victory" was tame. It was held at the Art Center where I am the theatre director. This is a beautiful old historic building that has exhibits and other artsy decorations. Members of the board prepared some some wonderful refreshments, including a fruit centerpiece that was amazing. I did a short talk and read from the book, then answered questions from the audience.

  10. Wizards and whip toting strippers! Why didn't I think of that?

    Marvin D Wilson

  11. Maryann, that sounds like a wonderful debut and totally fitting for you.

    Marvin, I'm surprised also that you didn't think of that.

  12. I've yet to launch, but will take note of what not to do :)

  13. Planning a launch party for the last book in my YA series, but I will not be showing up in a maid offit! LOL

  14. I didn't have a launch for my first book, but plan on doing something creative for the launch of every one to come.

    Stephen Tremp

  15. Diane and Stephen, I'll be waiting to hear about your launches!

  16. Those were funny! They make signing in a bookstore seem stodgy.

  17. Okay. I googled the Mills and Boon/Rugby tie-in. That has to be one of the most bizarre relationships since Douglas/Jones.

    I found a Telegraph article on it here.

    Best suggestion they had for similar tie-ins was: Jane Air - Basketball romance sponsored by Nike.


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