Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some Fun News

All the business news lately has been about price wars and e-readers. So I decided that today I’d link you up to some fun news. Here are four that you might find interesting:

1. Over on GalleyCat - How to Break Up with an Agent
Just in case you were wondering the right way to do it!

2. In the Philadelphia Business Today - an article on video blogger Gary Vaynerchuk who blogs about wine and as a result welcomes his first book in a 10-book deal.

3. Another success story - Lisa Genova sent queries to 100 agents. Four asked for the manuscript. Three rejected. The fourth never got back to her. She self-published. She's also now on the NY Times Best Sellers list.

4. And, finally, The Wall Street Journal touts a new author from Australia and asks, Is she the next J.K. Rowling? She's got a background similar to Rowling. And, get this, her manuscript was pulled from the slush pile.

Have Fun and Have a Great Sunday.
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  1. Helen, The Lisa Genova link is the same as the video link from the previous paragraph. (Or I'm doing something wrong).

    This is the best news I've seen on a writing blog in a long time.

    Thank you.

  2. I got the same thing as Meredith. :)

  3. Needed some fun stuff! Off to read now...

  4. Helen, the third link is the same as the second...

  5. So sorry about the link! I've corrected it.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you for the positive story on Lisa Genova and her self-publishing success. Hope you're feeling better!

  7. Great stories to follow. I hope I get pulled out of a slush pile sometime ;0

    Oh yes, I have to finish writing the book first! LOL

  8. Thanks for the link! Feeling better?

  9. Great story on Lisa Genova. Just goes to show you how far a good story and great attitude can take us :)

  10. Thanks everyone for stopping by and asking about me. I am feeling better and will venture from the house for the first time in a week - I'm going to the grocery store before my family rises up and marches to McDonald's for food.

  11. It's always a good feeling to get up and around after being under the weather. These are some terrific links, thanks.

  12. Hi Elizabeth. It did feel good getting out of the house.

  13. Hmmm, intriguing. Must go read them. Thanks for the links.

  14. Thanks for the links, Helen! I love the idea of someone working their way up from the slush pile to being reported by the WSJ!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  15. Helen, I am sorry you weren't feeling well. Glad you are better!

    I am going to send this link to all of my writing friends who sometimes don't believe it can happen. Very inspirational. Thank you for posting.

  16. Helen, thanks for the great stories. I had the pleasure of reviewing Lisa's book, Still Alice, when she first self-pubbed. When she got the deal from Simon & Shuster, she e-mailed me to thank me for the review and said that it had helped her get the deal. I really loved her book. Not only is it a compelling story, it is very well written. If anyone has read Anne Tyler, there are similarities. I am so happy for Lisa.

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