Saturday, September 26, 2009

Book Review: The Third Option

I’ve started reading Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series. Last Saturday, I reviewed the first, Transfer of Power. I really liked it and right away started the second in the series. I’ve finished it and started the third. But today… I’m reviewing the second, The Third Option.

This one I wasn’t so enthused about. I still like Flynn enough that I’m continuing in the series, but The Third Option was not as fast-paced as Transfer of Power and, frankly, not much happens in The Third Option.

The long-time director of the CIA is dying and powerful people who want to control the CIA don’t like his chosen successor and to get to her, they’re going after Mitch Rapp. (That’s my summary of the back cover blurb. It’s also the entire book summarized in one sentence.)

Very little gets resolved and even less happens. You meet new characters who apparently will be ongoing in the series. He brings back old characters who appeared in the first book. He goes into some of the behind-the-scenes closed-doors plotting that goes on in D.C. So, it’s not boring - just slower than I expected after the very fast-paced first book.

I’m hoping the third book has me raving again about the Mitch Rapp series. I’ll let you know.
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  1. This doesn't bode well. If I think back to every series I've read (that I can remember), the second was always stronger than the first. Either the third is even better, or it peters (sp?) out. I'm interested to know your opinion on the third. I hope it is a better read for you!

  2. I appreciate your honesty. Keep us "posted" (pun intended)

    The Old Silly

  3. Hmm. I hate to say it, but any books featuring the CIA get me confused. Too many plot lines, too many people, too much! Apparently my brain cells shut down. This one doesn't even sound heavy on plot, but still...the CIA. :(

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. I am hopeful, for two reasons. One, the first was very good, and two, my husband has read all in the series and he says it does get better.

  5. I guess this is where author loyalty might seep in to, being confident that the next will pick up the pace, or that there was an intent for this particular set-up. Great one line summary, too.

  6. We all have our slumps, like pitchers on the baseball field, so maybe Flynn was just in the doldrums when he wrote his second book. Some of Janet Evanovich's novels weren't that great but I kept reading because I enjoy her humor (although not some of the language).

  7. Interesting. I've got the first book in the house now. Too bad about the second - maybe Mr. Flynn was under too tight a deadline!


  8. could just be me. My DH liked all in the series, although he did agree that #2 was a slower than the first. 'Course the first in the series seemed to be almost non-stop action - hard to top.

  9. It seems very difficult to write a series. I haven't tried to do it so far.

    Hopefully, the next book will be better. Often, the same thing happens with movies. The first is so spectacular that people expect more than the second one delivers.

    Morgan Mandel

  10. I agree Morgan. It's got to be tough for each in the series to stand up to the others, let alone get better.

  11. It's disappointing when the second and third books don't hold up to the first. I hate when that happens and I've wasted some money and some time.

  12. I've done some more reading on this second book and it's starting to pick up. I'm about half-way through and it's holding my interest now.


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