Sunday, June 07, 2009

Visual Writing Prompt 6-7-09

When you write, keep perspective in mind. Specifically, I’m thinking of your characters’ perspectives.

At 5’9”, I’m the shortest in my family. Everyone is taller. I call on one of them to get things off the top shelf or to reach into the far recesses of a cabinet. They see things I can’t (without a stool).

Our dog is small. She’s so old now, she doesn’t see much. But when she did, she saw primarily ankles and dirt on the floor.

Someone who’s very tall sees the tops of people’s heads.

A child sees belly buttons and toys on low shelves.

Someone in a wheelchair sees curbs and gravel walkways instead of paved ones. Curbs and walkways that the rest of us traverse without a second thought.

Give the perspectives of your characters some thought. What would they see? What would they notice? What would they miss?

Here’s a reminder of perspective.

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  1. Perspective is so important in every aspect of life. Great visual prompt for us as well as our characters. Makes me see more clearly that others have a totally different perspective than me just because of their height.

  2. It does remind you that we each look at things from our own perspective, doesn't it?

  3. Excellent prompt on perspectives, Helen!

    And gee, I wish I was as tall as you! I'm barely 5'3" Trust me, there's a lot I don't see!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  4. Good perspective on perspective. :) 5'9" and you are the shortest? You come from a BIG family, eh, cowgirl? LOL Then again, what should I expect, you being from Texas where everything is the largest in the known universe, right?

    The Old Silly From Free Spirit blog

  5. You know, I'm 5'8" and there's almost as much that I don't see, especially from perspective of this tree!


  6. Grrr, grumble, mutter...

    I'm 5' 8 1/8", or so my doctor's office told me at my last physical. Used to claim to be 5' 10" (perhaps a little white lie) but was 5' 9 1/2 for sure at one time. I'm the tallest in my family, so I'm the one people call on to get things from the high shelf. I use a chair a lot. ;)

    Love the picture. Did you take that when you were out in San Fran earlier this year?

  7. I did, Jon. In a redwood forest park.

    As to my height - I used to be tall. Now I feel short, especially when we take family photos.

  8. Great reminder. I know my father-in-law always would check the top of our refrigerator for dust. I never did, because I never saw it. (g)

    Morgan Mandel

  9. There are advantages to being short. I don't check the top of the fridge either!


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