Monday, May 18, 2009

What Are You Drinking?

I work at my desk in my office at home. In the mornings, I drink coffee and/or hot tea. In the afternoon, it’s either Diet Dr Pepper or water.

But…if I go to a coffee shop, I drink Chai Tea.

What do you drink while you’re writing? If you went to a coffee shop to write, what would you choose? Does what you drink have any influence on your writing? Do you use beverages the way writers sometimes play music to fit the scene they’re writing?
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  1. I'm a high octane drinker in the mornings. Strong coffee at first bell, a mid-morning Monster Lo-Carb energy drink, and then by afternoon it's on to pure water. I drink probably a gallon of water every day.

    And no, no particular drink for a particular "scene" - I don't listen to music when I write. It's my zen training. When you eat, just eat. When you sit, just sit. When you listen to music, just listen to music, and when you write, just write.

    Not that I can't multi-task, I can - with the best of them. Because when I multi-task, I just multi-task.

  2. I wish I was a coffee drinker. But I only drink water all day so that isn't really fun!

  3. This came to mind, partly, because I was up in the middle of the night. Could not get back to sleep. I think I'm over-caffeinating. I had told myself, only water after 7 p.m. But I think I'm going to have to make that 5 p.m. and see if that helps.

    Then, the other part of this was that I was thinking about how some writers are known for what they drink, like coffee or booze.

  4. I have to start off with coffee and in the afternoons it's water, either plain, sparkling or flavored. What I'm sipping on has nothing to do with what I'm writing - it just keeps me sitting at my desk instead of wandering around looking for something to drink.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  5. I would drink tons of coffee and/or water, but they have cut me back on the coffee and I can't pour a cuppa while writing any longer. :( So it's all water now, baby!

  6. Water, water everywhere! Still mineral water for me, on cold winter's days I have been known to drink large mugs of Twinings Chamomile tea. My writing rush comes from all the chocolate covered biscuits that get eaten at the same time... :(

  7. I can't do caffeine at all, so it's water with a dash of grape juice for flavor - all day long. If I do go to a coffee shop, which is rare, I indulge in a de-caf latte with sugar-free vanilla and fat free milk. Why bother, right?

    Karen Walker

  8. Well, I had some coffee this morning, but now I'm switching to Green Ginger Tea. Checked the box, but can't tell if it has caffeine. It most likely does. After this, I'm switching to coffee for the rest of the day. My problem is not just the coffee. Usually after coffee I switch to Diet Dr P, which also has caffeine.

    Must. Stop. Killing. Self.

  9. Okay. I know I've had too much coffee. In my last comment, I said I was switching to coffee for the rest of the day. I meant to type "water." I'm switching to water for the rest of the day. And none too soon, obviously.

  10. Water mostly. When I get into a writing mode though, I tend to reach for the soda because I don't want a silly thing like the need to sleep interrupt me. It's a bad though. If I drink soda after say 2pm, I can't go to bed at 10pm, I'm still too wide awake.

    Like last night. I was at my friends for dinner, I had a soda with dinner. I didn't get to sleep till 3am. So water for me.

  11. Green and chai tea in the morning but not in the afternoon or I'll be up till 2 a.m. at the computer. I really need to drink more water and lay off the caffeine, which causes blood pressure spikes.

  12. We all, for the most part, agree that caffeine is not good for sleeping at night. Yet, we (me mostly) continue to drink it.


  13. Wow. I found you. When I first clicked on, it said page unavailable, but using my nifty detecting skill and a fresh cup of coffee--dark blend--I was able to find you. Yay!

    I like hot chai as well. It depends on my mood. I used to go to a favorite resturant, The Good Earth, when I lived in California and they had the best spiced tea! Ach, I loved it.

    I'll admit, I love coffee. I like 2 or three cups of strong full flavored coffee in morning. I either switch to water or iced tea--no sugar. I also love a good cup of coffee in the evening before I go to bed. Coffee mellows me in the evening. I know. Weird.

    What I drink doesn't effect what write, but I have been known to set the mood for writing certain things with music and what I drink.

  14. My grandmother came from England. Her saying was, "There's no problem that can't be solved over a cup of tea." And I started drinking tea when I was five, English style. Still do, but have to switch to decaf by 11 am, darn it!

  15. I went off most caffeine some time ago (well, certainly not CHOCOLATE!), but I do drink tea.

    In the mornings I have a cup or two of green tea along with a breakfast smoothie. The rest of the time I keep a trusty bottle of filtered water by my side. Chai happens a couple times a year. Not glamorous, perhaps, but it keeps the whistle wet!


  16. It seems as though all of us drink a little bit of caffeine. Clearly, some of us (me) drink more than others.

    Oh, heavens, Lisa, of course we're not talking about chocolate. That's an essential food group! Any caffeine in chocolate is nullified by the sugar.

  17. Definitely coffee or latte in the morning, fully caffeinated. After noon, mostly water and herbal tea.

    I had a glass of wine while writing blog comments one time and that was not a good idea.


  18. Thank you Patricia. That made me laugh, which is a very good thing at this time of the day!

  19. Hot green tea in the morning. Sweet iced tea (my guilty pleasure in life) in the afternoon and early evening. I do drink water, but need to increase that and decrease the iced tea (drat)

    I do like a good mocha frappicino but those are rare treats :)


  20. Cool blog.

    I tend to drink a mixture of mostly tea and soft drink.

    I have over twenty different types of tea in my house. And drink different teas according to my mood.

  21. In the mornings I drink juice and mostly water through the day. The only caffeine I get is in hot chocolate once in a while. Of course, I agree with you about the chocolate, Helen!


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