Sunday, May 17, 2009

Visual Writing Aid 5-17-09

I took this picture in San Francisco at a museum. It’s one of my favorite story pictures.

This is a stained glass tunnel leading to a closed door.

I can see so many stories developing from this one picture. Currently, I use it on my website on my Editing Services page. It just seemed to fit with the idea of writers can create wonderful stories and memorable characters that can lead them to a door. They can step through that door into another world, both in the stories themselves and in the new adventure of being published authors.

What story do you see in this picture?
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  1. I immediately thought of a sci-fi tale. Starts with a priest in a cathedral on earth that suddenly discovers a "new" door has appeared at the end of the same corridor he'd walked down thousands of times before. He steps through the door into another dimension, where to his utter amazement he discovers ...

    Not gonna spoil the end for you. :)

  2. What museum did you take this at? I hope it's part of their permanent display - if I make it out to SF I'd like to visit this museum. What a neat piece.

    I got a definite SF feel from it right away - more sinister than hopeful, which is odd since this is a very beautiful piece of work.

  3. It just says "infinite possibilities" to me. I'm a memoir writer, so stories don't just come to me. I love this immage. Thanks for sharing it.

    Karen Walker

  4. Simply beautiful, Helen. And you're right, myriad ideas for stories could emerge from staring at the picture.Thanks for sharing!

  5. It looks like something in a dream sequence to me where the protagonist would walk through the pretty tunnel and never reach the white door. In reality, I think it might make me dizzy.

  6. I'm going to have to ask my daughter about the name of the museum. I was visiting her in SF and she took us there. I don't even remember the name. She's off in North Carolina right now, but when I find out, I'll let everyone know.

    I thought everyone would come up with different ideas, and y'all did! I never even considered that it could be sinister. How wonderful!

  7. Or the door opens and different characters emerge and walk along the multi-coloured corridor. They can pick up different vibes from the environment that subsequently change their lives.

    Sexy romance by Enid

  8. Oh the possibilities...each panel of the stained glass has a unique tale to tell and a different door that it leads to.

    Very cool.


  9. Just reading all the possibilities makes me smile! Love it.

  10. Wow what an awesome picture! You took this? SO talented.

    Actually this reminded me of the entrance hall to the throne room in the film version of Wizard of Oz!! Thanks for sharing this.



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