Monday, January 12, 2009

Speed Reading the Bible

Recently, I was reading a blogger’s post about serialized books on the Internet. Some new writers and even well-known writers seem to be trying to put their books out to the public a chapter at a time. Now, the Kansas City Star comes out with an article that publishers are now putting God, bit by bit, out on the Internet or in print.

The article asks the question,
When do you ever find time for God?
Here are some of the answers:
The One-Minute Bible, Day by Day, whose brief readings promise to inspire your “daily walk with the Lord.”

Or check out 5 Minute Theologian: Maximum Truth in Minimum Time.
And let’s not forget Aunt Susie’s 10-Minute Bible Dinners: Bringing God Into Your Life One Dish at a Time.
The American style of worship, like everything else in overloaded lives, is speeding up. Call it God on the go.

This hurried search for the Almighty partly explains the rise of a niche industry of books, DVDs, podcasts, text messages and e-mail blasts that distill the essentials of faith.
If you need something in-between the 5 Minute Theologian and the 10-Minute Bible Dinners, there’s the 7 Minutes With God. And if your kids are as hurried as you, try The Kid Who Would Be King: One Minute Bible Stories About Kids.
Faith leaders are working to capitalize on that spiritual hunger, not just with convenience but with high production values — adding JumboTron screens, live music and other novelties to services.
President of the National Association of Evangelicals, Rev. Leith Anderson, says:
“My father used to say, ‘Going to church over the radio or television is like kissing your girlfriend over the telephone,’ Anderson said. “It’s a good thing to kiss your girlfriend over the telephone. But it’s a whole lot more fun in person.”
What do you think?


  1. Like everything else, they are just trying to reach their audience by any means possible!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. In a way, these things have been around for years. I remember daily devotional cards from a long time ago. And you can get the daily calendars with scriptures.

  3. Sign of the times. Next will be "drive-thru blessings" - you just pull in line in your car, the Priest tosses some holy water on you thru the window with a "Hail Mary" and off ya go. I guess any time spent in the Word is better than nothing, but Good Lord.

  4. There are drive thru weddings nowadays. I believe I remember hearing about drive-thru funerals. You drive up, see the body in the coffin, drive out. In lieu of that, drive thru blessings makes sense.

  5. Hopefully people make take more than 5 minutes, but I know how hard it is to slip all reading in, even the stuff that helps calm the soul! Love the phone quote. How true! I remember these little daily scripture cards I had as a teen. A little dose of Godly advice for the day. Don't we all need that? :>)

  6. I prefer my scripture on a t-shirt.

  7. It's not new.

    The Temple Daily Telegram has run a Bible verse on its front page (print) for years. And believe me, we heard about it if it went missing.

    It's sort of like those Today in History columns you sometimes see. I think it's part of the AP package.

  8. While I'm not familiar with these particular books/products, I think 5 minutes or 7 minutes a day with the Lord is more than many people spend. My own morning devotions usually take 15 minutes or so. I pray throughout the day, attend services on Sunday and Wednesday, and participate in regular Bible studies. But the time I actually sit down to read the Bible every single day isn't much more than these titles suggest. Ideally we should all spend more time, but a consistent 5, 7, or 15 minutes a day is better than a hit-or-miss schedule.

  9. It's the meditation part that seems important. Taking time to be still. I'm not finding the internet to be the best place for that.

  10. Meditation is great. It may be the only quiet time some of us get -- and, you're right, you won't find it on the Internet.

    Mark, you're funny with the t-shirt line, but when you stop and think about it, I read people's t-shirts, think about some of them, wonder about others. T-shirts can make good billboards.

    Todd, I didn't know the Temple Daily Telegram ran a daily bible verse. How interesting.

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