Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Press Release that Works

Yesterday, I blogged about a press release that I felt missed the mark. So it seems only fair that I let you know about one that I feel did a good job. This press release also focused on a book: The Soul Influencer: The Power of One - Through the Voices of Many by Maria Woodrow.

The big difference between yesterday’s example and this one is that today’s PR actually talks about the book. It starts off with a link to purchase the book, then goes straight into the book’s Hook. The next three paragraphs expand on the Hook by enticing us with more information and uses some key words and phrases like: “challenges,” “packed with,” “go beyond the written word and directly to the Soul of the Voice,” and “inspiration.”

Then it closes with a paragraph about the author and where the book is available.

All of these words fit not only the book, but the publisher, Yorkshire Publishing Group, which, according to the info about the publisher, “strives to be one of the top Christian Book Publishers … in the world.”

Any of you out there have a press release you feel is great and you’d like to share? Email me and we’ll schedule a date for you to post it here and get comments.


  1. Nice release. I like how they open with a couple of simple questions directed at the reader. It draws you into the rest of the release.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. It helps to read a release that works. You can pattern your own after those that appeal to you.

  3. Press releases are something I struggle with. I like the way this one is laid out. thanks for sharing

  4. You're welcome Joy. Hope you can use it as a guideline. (No, I didn't write it. Just found it.)

  5. A good one. Even after years in the newspaper business, I struggle with my own press releases & think they sound lame.


  6. Great example and one I have to bookmark. Thanks

  7. It does help, me at least, to have an example to use as a guide. There are different ways to do press or media releases, though. This is just one way.


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