Friday, January 09, 2009

Poetry Sales

Today on The Blood-Red Pencil I’m blogging about selling poetry. The Blood-Red Pencil is a co-op blog of editors. A new feature (I’m kicking it off with my post today) is called Ask the Editor. Readers can ask a question and one of the participating editors will answer.

Today’s question was sent in by Patricia Neely-Dorsey, author of a book of poetry called Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia - A Life in Poems. She asked three questions -- why is poetry a hard sell, why is it so difficult to get reviewers to review poetry and can poetry have a mass appeal?

I hope you’ll bounce over there and add your answers to mine. Give Patricia some ideas on selling her book and reaching the niche places where poetry readers hang out. If you know where she could send her book to get reviewed, help her out. If she decides to go on a virtual book tour, what blogs should she be looking at?

I’ll see you over there -- and here as well.


  1. I love the title of her book. It's fluid meaning it flows well, and the imagery is fantastic!

    I'm looking forward to getting a copy!


    Adonya Wong
    Author | Autism Blogger

  2. I agee Adonya. The "Mississippi Magnolia" brings up a vivid image and the "Life in Poems" seems calm and soothing (to me, anyway).

  3. Will bounce, Ma'am.

  4. Thanks for kicking off the series, Helen. It promises to be a great benefit for writers.

    Morgan Mandel

  5. will definitely pop over and see what's said. I love poetry but struggle to know where to start with new authors.

  6. Hope you found some good info. Those who comment always have fabulous ideas.

  7. Thank you ALL for your input and encouraging words.
    Thank you again for your wonderful suggestions and insight.
    Please let me know what you think of the book when you read it.

    Patricia Neely-Dorsey
    Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life in Poems


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