Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Author Pat Browning

Tomorrow, Pat Browning, former teacher, reporter and legal secretary turned world traveler and wonderful mystery author, guest blogs on Straight From Hel.

Born in Oklahoma, Browning moved to California, where she became an avid traveler, even turning her love of travel into a career as a travel agent and correspondent. In the 1980s, her travel articles bore such exotic datelines as Tangier, Bombay, Budapest, Vienna, Dubrovnik, Pompeii and Shanghai. Next, she became a news reporter until her love of writing took her into the mystery field. In 2001, her book, FULL CIRCLE, was released. Recently, it was re-released as ABSINTHE OF MALICE. She's already hard at work on the next in the Penny Mackenzie mystery series.

Before Browning drops by tomorrow, I welcome you to visit her blog, Morning's at Noon, as well as the blog, Murderous Musings, where she's a contributor. You can also read the first three chapters of ABSINTHE OF MALICE at her website: Then come back here tomorrow armed with questions.

Browning's going to talk about how FULL CIRCLE came to be and how it came to be re-released as ABSINTHE OF MALICE. She has an interesting story of the timeline for the book, as well as The Incredible Pile of Paper.


  1. I have one thing in common with Pat already, besides writing. I'm a legal secretary.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Sounds like a great author. I'll be sure and check out tomorrow's post.

  3. I hope lots of folks drop by to read Pat's story. She's a real survivor and a tribute to the power of persistence (not unlike myself). I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Got my interest piqued. I'll be back tomorrow.

  5. With all of you showing up tomorrow, it's gonna be a lively discussion, for sure!

  6. I'm one of the many Pat Browning fans, and wouldn't miss it!

    Not only has she traveled all over the world - the woman is a born storyteller, and one terrific writer.

    See you tomorrow, Pat!!

  7. Gee, guys, who is this author you're talking about? (-:

    Thanks for your kind words. See you tomorrow!

    Pat Browning

  8. I especially enjoyed reading Full Circle because Pat and I both lived in the same small California town where the book is set, and at the same time (although we didn't know each other). I look forward to the interview tomorrow and to interviewing Pat on my own blog, Mysterious People, Feb. 20.


  9. I love the idea of mornings at noon! Looking forward to your post tomorrow.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  10. Thanks Helen. I'm looking forward to Pat's post.

    Charlotte Phillips


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