Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Author Joan Upton Hall

Tomorrow, Joan Upton Hall, freelance editor, writing instructor and speaker will be the guest blogger on Straight From Hel. Joan is also an author, having penned books that range from historical nonfiction to urban fantasy and the paranormal. Her latest is The Shadow of Excalibur, the second in her futuristic suspense series.

Joan taught English for twenty-eight years and wrote a book called Rx for Your Writing Ills. Plus, she writes articles and short stories. Joan definitely keeps busy with her writing. She even coordinates a newsletter called PageTurners with eleven other authors.

You’ll probably want to read more about her at her website, including information about her books, PageTurners, and the services she offers. She also has a links page of interest to writers.

After you've looked around her site, be sure to come back tomorrow to read her post on how she gets her name out to the public, aka, readers. She'll tell you how you can spread your "trademark" as well. Be sure you stick around long enough to ask a question or leave a comment for Joan.


  1. I'll have to hop over again tomorrow. I'm very interested in building my trademark.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Thanks Morgan. Do come back. Joan will stick around to answer questions.

  3. I'll be back for sure. Sounds like quite the expert on the subject.

  4. Me too, I'll check back. Name recognition, i.e. trademark is so important for writers today.


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