Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tired of Celebrities

Call me crazy, but I’m tired of celebrities. I’m tired of hearing about them on paparazzi shows. Sick of seeing them on the morning “news” programs. Don’t care about how much some magazine paid for pictures of their newborns. Don’t want them telling me I should donate to their favorite cause. Not gonna go out and buy Oprah’s favorite things. Ain’t gonna watch them on vapid reality shows. Don’t want no more shows where celebrities give out awards to fellow celebrities while other celebrities sing or dance or thank their dogs. And I’m definitely tired of hearing about their multi-million dollar book deals.

And yet, even in these hard economic times, the publishers keep paying them outlandish bucks for their life stories, advice, tattle-telling, recipes, beauty tips, tales of plastic surgery gone wrong, books. And since publishers keep doing that, it must mean that the books are selling as fast as a Wal-Mart shopper the day before Christmas (that woman with the wild hair and slippers would be me, in a panic).

So I must be the only person left on the planet not buying celebrity books. Right?

I thought so. Until I read Jason Pinter’s post yesterday. Hallelujah! I’m not the only one tired of celebrities.

Are there any more of us out there?


  1. I confess, I've bought books by celebrities. Not tell-alls, or advice books. I have Bette Midler's "A View from A Broad", Fran Drescher's "Enter Whining", and Tim Allen's "I'm Not Really Here." They were funny.

    But I don't want to read anything the current generation of celebs has to tell me. There's no one interesting enough to make me pick up their ghost-written book. Does it make me homicidal that money is thrown at the famous for no other reason than they have a high profile? Will Palin's book really earn enough to pay her advance? Or Joe the Plumber, who has a book deal without ever writing a word?

    Excuse me, I have to take a pill and lie down. I'm not supposed to get this excited. ;-)

  2. I wouldn't buy a celebrity's book, but I confess to sneaking in short reads of People magazine and others, while waiting in the checkout line at Jewel Food Store.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Somewhere I, too, have a book or two by celebrities, but I'm with you, Gayle, I don't plan to get anything written by today's celebs.

  4. I don't subscribe to People or any of the others, but I confess, Morgan, I'll look at it at the hair dressers while I'm waiting for hair to dry or some such wait. Usually, though, I don't have my glasses in hand, so I'm only looking at the pictures! ;-D

  5. I have never bought a book by a celebrity, nor do I read the celeb magazines. I have so little time for reading that I can't waste it. There are too many great mystery/suspense novels in my TBR pile.

  6. I would buy a book about a celebrity (let's be clear, though, on who's writing it); I'm not interested in most of today's "celebs" and really would object to lining their pockets with my hard-earned cash to read about their infantile misbehavior.


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