Friday, December 05, 2008

Tips on Non-Fiction

I wasn’t sure what to name this post. Tips on Non-Fiction isn’t quite right. Tax Tips? Nah, I’m not an accountant. Research Tips? That sounds like I’m going to address libraries and online googling. I’m sure someone reading this post will come up with a better title.

I’ve been doing considerable research for the book I’ve been hired to write -- TechCareers: Automotive Technicians. A lot of it online. Most of it in person, talking to teachers, students, supervisors and working techs. I’ve traveled to Waco, Houston, Austin, and Harlingen to do interviews.

Tip 1: Write down your mileage. Starting mileage, ending mileage & the miles inbetween. Note date and where you drove and why.

Tip 2: Save receipts. Even if you think what you bought won’t be deductible. Save it anyway. Make sure the date and place is on the receipt. On the back, note who you talked to, if, for example, you ate lunch with a subject.

Tip 3: Ask for and keep hotel receipts.

Tip 4: Keep the receipt for airfare.

Tip 5: Keep the receipt for car rental.

Tip 6: If you’re not already, keep receipts for office supplies, Internet access, new digital recorder, etc.

Tip 7: See Tip number 2.

Tip 8: Note long distance calls, to whom and what was discussed -- this is assuming the call was work related.

Tip 9: Keep your receipts and lists organized. Or at least in one folder or envelope.

Tip 10: Don’t wait to gather the material, register the mileage or write your notes. You’ll forget. You’ll forget to remember to do it. You’ll even forget what you did or where you went or who you talked to.

Tip 11: I forgot Tip 11, so I guess I’m through. For now.

Before I totally forget, leave your tips in the Comment jar.


  1. As an ex employee of the IRS, I endorse all of your tips and follow them religiously when it comes to my own Schedule C activities!

  2. Hot dog! I not only have been endorsed, I've found an expert.

  3. Wow, Dana, an IRS employee, film actress, sword fighter and writer. What else have you done?

    Very good advice, Helen. You never know when you're going to be audited.


    P.S. Thanks again for hosting my blog tour. We had some very good comments. Please send me a hyperlink when you have time for my schedule page.

  4. I liked tips 7 & 11 - is that lucky?

  5. Marvin, 7 & 11 are lucky only if you consider those lucky numbers and if you believe in luck.

  6. Jean, I will send you that link right away. I forgot.


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