Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kindle Best Sellers

Amazon announced this week’s Kindle best-sellers. Thought you might like to see what others are reading on their Kindles.
Kindle Bestsellers
1. Scarpetta - Patricia Cornwell (Putnam)
2. Twilight - Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown)
3. New Moon - Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown)
4. Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown)
5. Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown)
6. The Kindle Cookbook: How to Do Everything the Manual Doesn't Tell You - David Emberson (Rohala Limited)
7. Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell (Little, Brown)
8. The Pagan Stone - Nora Roberts (Jove)
9. Arctic Drift - Clive Cussler (Putnam)
10. Divine Justice - David Baldacci (Grand Central)
Except for number 6, they're all big name authors. Let’s hope some not-yet-names authors are selling, too!


  1. Helen,
    Once again you've omitted Girl of My Dreams from a bestselling list. There must be some mistake. (G)

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Aaak! You're right Morgan. Everyone reading this should go download Girl of My Dreams to their Kindle. That way, Publishers Weekly cannot miss it on the next list!

  3. Don't be so impatient, Morgan, you'll get there soon.

    I'm not a name brand author but my new senior sleuth mystery novel ebook edition is #1 on the Fictionwise-ePress bestseller list at:

  4. If anyone figures out the trick, by all means share. My book (The Trouble With Being God) has sold a whopping 3 copies thus far.

    I do think that the browse system built into the kindle does lend itself to things that are already selling quite well though - so breaking into that top sellers area really can guarantee you stay there.

  5. Here's a question for those of you who have ebooks -- in order to load a book on Kindle, does it have to be bought through Kindle? Or can you buy it on Amazon and download it to your Kindle? I don't have a Kindle, but was wondering.

  6. Jean didn't say, but her book is called A Village Shattered.

  7. I don't have a Kindle so can't say, Helen. But I've heard that the industy is standardizing their ebook readers so that all ebooks can be read on every reader. I'm not sure that's true of Kindle.

    And thanks for mentioning A Villge Shattered.

  8. Jean, that is what they need to do. Just think if things, like computers and programs had been standardized. Life would be easier.

  9. Well, I'm not a name yet but I'm working on it! I'll let you know when Oprah calls me.


    David Emberson

  10. Do that David. I will go along and be your posse, shooing people away so they don't invade your space. 'Course, that may put a damper on autographs. I'll just shoo away other celebrities.

  11. Actually, I don't know how my book got to be #6 on that list. On one list of theirs it is #86. On the Kindle Store Top 100 the book was bouncing around between 17 and 12 until about two days ago when 1) Amazon stopped shipping Kindles (my readers are generally new Kindle owners) and 2) a number of books from major publishers were offered in the Kindle Store for free. At the moment they are saying it is #36. Where is this weekly bestseller list published? I have not seen that one.

    By the way, there is a software bug in the Amazon DTP which makes me very suspicious of the sales figures Amazon is reporting to me. I've reported the problem (as has at least one other author) but so far I have not received a reply from them.

  12. David, I found the list in the December 9th Publishers Weekly update. The list of best sellers was for the week ending Dec 6.


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