Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tagged Again

Lord-a-mercy, I’ve been tagged again. This time by Dani Greer with Blog Book Tours. She didn’t tag me on her blog, though, but on the co-op blog The Blood-Red Pencil. Someone also Twitter-tagged me. I think it was Jean Henry Mead, but this morning I went to double check and can't find the tag. For everyone who's tagged me, here we go...

This time, I’m supposed to tell six random things about myself and relate those things to books. Zowzers, these memes get harder and harder.

Here goes:

1. I told you in yesterday’s post that I used to write Blue Moon Fairy stories. Well, in high school I wrote romance novels. I don’t have a single page of any of them left because, as I wrote a page, a friend would take it, read and pass it on. I have no idea what happened to them. They weren’t your standard romance, though, since all my stories ended tragically.

2. I love collecting autographed books. Yes, it’s fun to have that big-name author’s signature, but what’s even better, I think, is getting the autograph of a friend or a local author. I love that! Even if they never hit the best-seller list, I treasure their book.

3. I was never so shocked as when I opened a book by a friend and found my name in the acknowledgments. I’d done a last minute edit that her agent requested before they sent it to a publisher. I went to one of her book signings and had her autograph a book for me and some for gifts, then went home and there was my name. (Thank you Diane.)

4. Some people may find this hard to believe, but I love editing. I spend a lot of time on the manuscript, reading it usually at least three times. Each time, I find new things, new twists, new phrases. I’d rather edit someone else’s work than my own.

5. When authors send me their published books, I feel guilty. Susan Wittig Albert told me not to feel guilty, but I still do. I know it costs them money. I try to reciprocate by writing a review and putting it on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, GoodReads and on my blog. I think feeling guilty is in my blood. Comes from my upbringing. I also hate to spend money. The two are connected. My husband likes the second one.

6. My family are all readers. My husband reads probably more than I do – ‘course he spends lots of hours on planes. Both my kids read. My son can retain what he reads. You ask him about a book he read two years ago, and he can tell you all about it. He quotes from movies he watched ten years ago. My brain bowl has holes in it like a sieve. Maybe that’s good. I can edit a manuscript, then turn around and start a new one and not get the two mixed up. Part of the day, I’m editing for a company, then I’m editing for an author. Then I sit down to read a book for pleasure and I turn off the editor in me. I may see mistakes, but I move on past them.

And that’s it. Six “book” things about me.

Now I tag:

Chris Redding

Chris Verstraete

Chris Duncan

@MarilynMeredith (on Twitter)

Ron Berry

And leave a comment here if you accept the tag so we can follow you to your blog and read all your secrets!


  1. Cool! Thanks, Helen, I love these things (now I don't have to think of a whole topic to write about - heh-heh) Off to answer at Candid Canine!
    Chris V.

  2. Helen, I wanted to tell you that your blog doesn't come up very well in compuserve's browser. I don't know how I missed that before--I must have been on Firefox.
    But I am posting as we speak.

  3. Thank you Christine. I didn't know that. But I haven't a clue why that happens or what I could do about it. :-(

    Can't wait to read your post, though.

  4. Chris,

    I will be stopping by Candid Canine to read your 6 things. My guess is they are going to be very interesting.

  5. Yeah! I'll have my answers up at

  6. We're all going to know so much about each other what with all this tagging...

  7. Give me til saturday to do the tag. I have two book tours today and tomorrow then an interview friday.

  8. Sigh, I got tagged AGAIN (3rd time, for heaven's sake) yesterday too - you're all welcome to come over and read more madness about me (smile). I'm like you with the signed book collection. I like getting autographs from "unknowns" also - who know who might take off one day and become famous - then I've got a REAL valuable book in my collection.

    And it also warms my heart to know there's a signed copy of my Owen Fiddler in your collection, girlfriend! LOL

    Marvin Blogs at Free Spirit:
    Eye Twitter 2 -

  9. Well, gracious, Ron, what's the problem? Book tours? Interviews? Surely you have that thirty minutes between 2:15 AM and 2:45 AM, don't you?

  10. Well, I know you all know more about me than any sane person could cope with.

    Marvin, I am saving Owen Fiddler as part of my retirement plan.

  11. Helen,

    Thank you for NOT tagging me, but my blog today is about my book-related marriage. Twenty-five years to the man I met at the library, married at the library, etc. My blog's at

  12. Oh, Lesa, now you're on my radar for the next time I get tagged!

  13. Okay Helen, I left my response to your "tag" on my blog. It took me awhile to get to it because you got me on a day when I was preparing for a big presentation. The presentation is finished so I'm back to blogging.

    Thanks for the "tag"


  14. Thanks Mark.

    Mark left some really interesting "things" on his blog. After reading his, I've decided I lead a really boring life.

    If you have time, zip over and read his 6 Things About Me You Didn't Know --

  15. I finally got around to tagging the others. Check my blog:

    Oh, I put many of the changes in recommended by the blog critique. I'd be interested in your opinion of the new look.

  16. That's OK, Helen. I just did a tag. (sigh) That will do for 6 months or so.


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