Friday, October 31, 2008

Bookmark: Writers and Authors

Writers and Authors has been nominated for awards, like the Blogger’s Choice Award for Best Blog of All Time. It’s read by people around the world – you can tell that by its Live Traffic Map widget. It has other interesting widgets in its sidebar, like the Online Reference and Writing Contests.

Lots of reasons to go look at Writers and Authors. But the main reason is the posts.

It seemed like in its beginnings Writers and Authors did primarily author interviews, but they’ve branched out

You’ll find book reviews, like the recent one of Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection by Angel Logan. Here’s a snippet:
I see this book as a perfect gift for events when you're not quite sure what to give. … While it is a book of angels and finding oneself, it's not a sappy religious view that overwhelms the reader with issues and provoking thoughts. Instead it has a calming effect, much like a warm lavender filled tub does at the end of a stressful day.
You’ll also find publishing information and tips for authors, along with ideas for writers. Sometimes they have listings of current writing competitions along with more in-depth info on particular conferences.

There’s plenty of new and relevant information on Writers and Authors to make it worth bookmarking. Or, better yet, subscribe to its feed (right after you subscribe to Straight From Hel’s feed, of course).


  1. I agree, Helen. Writers and Authors is a great place to send writers of every ilk. They provide a wonderful service.

    BTW, Happy Halloween. I wrote the history of Halloweeen and customs around the world at: Stop by and pet the pumpkin. :)

  2. Thank you, Jean, for stopping by. I've only recently discovered Writers and Authors and was eager to share the link.

    Ooh, the history of Halloween sounds veeeery interesting!

  3. Always learning new stuff here. Thanks, Helen - off to check out writers & authors.

    You ever us Preditors & Editors as a resource for pub houses & agents?

  4. I do look at that site before querying. It's a good reference, but double check it against other information as well.

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