Sunday, September 14, 2008

Book Review: Dance on His Grave

Dance on His Grave is Sylvia Dickey Smith’s first in her Sidra Smart/Third Eye series. This is a mystery with a touch of the paranormal, in that the protagonist has a sixth sense about things.

Sidra Smart and the other characters in the book are true to life. This is not to say they aren’t larger than life, which they are, but they certainly hold true for east Texas. You could pluck just about any character from Dance on His Grave, set him or her in the real setting and they’d be right at home.

Orange, Texas, is fictional, but Smith creates the town in such detail and with such love that it comes to life – vivid and believable.

The protagonist of Dance on His Grave, Sidra Smart, starts off as a fish out of water, but by the end of the book, she’s grown into her role as sleuth and unexpected P.I. If you like character driven mystery with a touch of fantasy, you’ll most likely like this book – and will look forward to more in the series, the next of which has just been released – Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets.


  1. My library doesn't have these titles, so I've requested they order the first at the very least!


  2. The Sidra Smart series is set in southeast Texas and Sidra is a woman divorced from her preacher husband who opens a PI office.

  3. Dang...another book I need to read! My list grows and grows...which means I'll never run out of books!


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