Saturday, August 30, 2008

Brilliant Weblog – Straight From Hel

Woo-woo! Straight From Hel was awarded the Brilliant Weblog Award by Marvin D. Wilson on Free Spirit. Here's what he wrote:
Helen Ginger
Her blog, “Straight From Hel,” is one I go to daily. Helen is a multi-published author, marketing maven, freelance writer and public speaker. She posts informative blogs that have value to anyone wanting to learn about how to become a successful published author.
Well, gracious, I’m blushing so much you’d think I was Rudolph the red-cheeked reindeer. Thank you Marvin!

In his post, Marvin gives the characteristics that he feels makes a good blog brilliant. Those include:
Timely and regular posts
First-hand information
Keep it relevant

He was kidding about the Sex and Violence, even though this was the one that most fit Straight From Hel..

Now, it’s my turn to pass the Brilliant Weblog Award to someone deserving. I hereby give it to Chez Robert Giron. Robert Giron is a writer and poet who teaches literature and creative writing. He shares his expertise on his blog and also gets the word out about awards and events. He doesn’t blog every day, but when he does, it’s worth reading. And occasionally, he throws in his thoughts on things outside of writing that interest him or riles him up.

So I hereby give this award to Chez Robert Giron and encourage him to copy the Brilliant Weblog Award jpg and add it to his blog, then pass it on to someone whom he feels is deserving of the honor.

Incidentally, tomorrow is the final day to send in your favorite blogs for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards. You can email your nominations to: BbawawardsATgmailDOTcom

You can nominate in some or all categories and up to two nominations per category.

The categories are:
Best General Book Blog

Best Kidlit Blog

Best Christian/Inspirational Fiction Blog

Best Literary Fiction Blog

Best Book Club Blog

Best Romance Blog

Best Thrillers/Mystery/Suspense Blog

Best Non-fiction Blog

Best Young Adult Lit Blog

Best Book/Publishing Industry Blog

Best Challenge Host

Best Community Builder

Best Cookbook Blog

Best History/Historical Fiction Blog

Best Design

Most Chatty

Most Concise

Most Eclectic Taste

Best Name for a Blog

Best Published Author Blog

Best Book published in 2008

Best Meme/Carnival/Event

Most Extravagant Giveaways

Best Book Community site

Write In

You don’t have to nominate someone in every category. Pick the ones where you want to nominate a blog and mail your choices to: BbawawardsATgmailDOTcom
Don’t nominate Straight From Hel for the Carnival one. Clowns scare me. I’m kidding! I love clowns.


  1. Congratulations on your brilliance award. Well deserved. I've had my head buried in finishing my novel and haven't been blogsurfing as much as I like to. Thanks for the reminder about Blogger Appreciation. I'll make time to vote today.

  2. Hey, hey, finishing the novel trumps blog surfing! I need to send in my vote as well!

  3. Yay, Helen! You figured out how to get the award picture up on your blog! Woo-hoo! LOL

    thanks for the tip to the other blogger - I'll have to check his stuff out.

  4. Copying most images from the web is fairly easy. Just "save image as" then you have it and can crop it if you need to. That's how I get a lot of the images I use when authors drop by -- unless they send the pics to me. Even a lot of those have to be cropped.

  5. Big congrats, Hel, I agree with Marvin!!

  6. Okay, I need to pass on my Brilliance award from Marvin as well. I still can't figure out how to get the logo on my word press blog.

    Congrats on your award, bth!!

  7. I don't know about Wordpress, but if you can put up images, you should be able to put up the button. You can capture the image from Marvin's blog or mine.


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