Monday, July 28, 2008

Review: Baby Shark by Robert Fate

The first in Robert Fate’s Baby Shark series, starring protagonist Kristin Van Dijk, starts out running and keeps you following throughout the book. Baby Shark is set in the 1950s, before cell phones, computers, and women’s liberation. Although today’s TV is full of women detectives and real life soldiers, Kristin, whose moniker is Baby Shark, would have been an anomaly. Back then, women didn’t fight back.

But Baby Shark does. First, she trains and learns more than any teenager, let alone a girl, should know. Then she sets out to find the men who attacked her and killed her father.

The question of the book isn’t: will she recover from the attack. It becomes: will she become physically strong enough to survive the training, mentally tough enough to exact revenge, and emotionally strong enough to have a life again.

The 17-year old girl who walked into the pool hall with her dad becomes Baby Shark but does she have what it takes to exact revenge on the men who left her scarred and fatherless? And when the time comes, will she be able to do it?

It’s not necessarily the destination that keeps you reading, but the road you travel with her to get there. And Robert Fate makes it a suspenseful trip.

Baby Shark
Robert Fate
Capital Crime Press, 2006

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