Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doug M. Cummings – Next Week’s Featured Author

Next Thursday, author Doug M. Cummings will stop by Straight From Hel for a Q&A. I’ll have questions for him and you’re welcome and encouraged to post questions or comments for him as well.

Doug’s author bio says:
I destroyed my self-image, but enriched my bank account, by getting a real job as a TV news photographer when I was eighteen and just starting college. Fires, car crashes, murders followed. Did that a few years, went on to become a deputy sheriff for awhile and ultimately drifted back to broadcasting. Worked in Kansas City, moved to the ultimate crime reporting gig of all time at WMAQ in Chicago and then to WGN, still chasing fires, car crashes and murders. Consistency is the key.

Through it all, I kept reading. And writing.

My only significant downtime came when my writing instructor in college had a heart attack and died the day after predicting, "You will become a published author some day!" It threw me for months. I kept thinking, "So did God punish him because he lied?"

Clearly, his instructor was not lying. Doug M. Cummings has been receiving a lot of praise for his Reno McCarthy series, including a Starred Review from Booklist.

Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune said:
“Doug Cummings is the real deal, a writer who comes at Chicago with a reporter's gift for telling detail and a novelist's gift for gripping prose."

You can visit his blog, check out his website, then come back next week to ask questions or leave comments for Doug. He’ll be giving away a t-shirt to a Straight From Hel reader!

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