Friday, April 25, 2008

This is a Test Post

I'm doing a test post today of the new Blogger Feature that allows me to post ahead of time and Blogger posts at whatever time I preset. I'm hoping this works.

If it does, it'll be a great feature for bloggers to use, especially considering Blogger is free. If it works, I'll follow up with a post letting you know.


  1. Well when did you set it? And since it is dated the 25th, and your response is the 25th, then are we sure it worked? Maybe had I known you had made the post up on Thursday and set it to post on Friday, would be a different thing - but glad it worked for you - E :)

  2. Guess I should have been more specific. Sorry! It did work. I put it up on Blogger on the 24th with the date and time I wanted it to appear. And it did appear at the time and on the day I set.

    Today is Sunday. I'm going to put up Monday's post and double-check it. My main reason for wanting this to work is because I'm going to San Francisco for a week. I'd really like to go without my laptop. Even if this works, though, I may have to take the computer anyway -- for other reasons.

    But, dang, that laptop is heavy! I need a briefcase on rollers for racing through airports.

  3. Oohh, great fix to a problem I've been having with blogger--Yay!

  4. Conda -- it's not available yet in regular blogger. But sign in under blogger in draft and you can do it.

  5. The feature is now available in regular Blogger. I have used it a few times already. Pretty neat!

  6. That's great news Barbee. I've been signing in under Blogger in draft to post when I wanted them done on a schedule!


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