Friday, April 25, 2008

Bookmark It! for Writers

Here’s a site, Common Errors in English, that explores language errors – not so much errors in grammar, but rather errors in usage. Like abstruse and obtuse. Know the difference? If you don’t you can check the site to see which one you should use in which situation.

The site is maintained by Paul Brians, Professor of English at Washington State University. You can buy the book, if you want, but he generously makes this available online, along with other useful resources.

Did you ever stop to wonder whether your character is bartering or haggling in the open-air shop in Mexico?

Been perplexed whether you should use “If I were…” or “If I was…”? Look it up on his site. You may be surprised by his answer.

Is “snuck” the past tense of “sneak”? Or is it “sneaked”?

Common Errors in English is this week’s Site to Bookmark. (Thanks to Cathy Wallace for sending this to me.)


  1. Wow, what a useful site! Thanks!

  2. I'm constantly amazed by the great information available online. Glad you liked his site.

  3. I found this site a while back - and don't even remember what I was looking for or how I found it - lol - but it is a good site - E :)

  4. It's wonderful that people are so generous to put up such helpful information. And great fun to stumble across it -- and share it with others.


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