Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reading to a Naked Audience

Remember the old advice that if you had stage fright when speaking in public, then you should imagine your audience naked? A bookshop owner in Germany has taken the adage to heart.

He plans to promote a new book detailing East Germany’s passion for nudity with a reading to a naked audience.

According to DW-WORLD.DE, “The event, set to take place in the north-eastern town of Pasewalk and hosted by the nude female model who adorns its cover, is scheduled for April 1.”

And, guess what – the event is sold out.

NOTE: Tomorrow, a fully-clothed Susan Wittig Albert is stopping by Straight From Hel on her blog tour for the latest in her China Bayles series, Nightshade. She’s going to talk about setting, specifically the fictional town she created called Pecan Springs. Stop by (with or without clothes) and ask questions or offer comments. And remember to sign up for the free book giveaway!


  1. Hello! It's quite cool to start to think that my audience are all naked. Haha, I would be laughing instead of presenting my work. Anyway nice blog, just a passerby :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Drop in again any time.

    That advice is usually given to someone who has stage fright. Supposedly it's to make the audience less intimidating. I've always thought such a thing would distract the speaker and wouldn't help the situation at all. It's definitely not one of the techniques I use with clients who come to me for help in public speaking!


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