Thursday, April 10, 2008

Did You Know Computers Scream When They Die?

This is a little off the usual topic of Straight From Hel, but did you know computers scream when they die?

Mine did, at least.

One minute it was fine, then, while I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, I heard this high-pitched screeching. At first, I thought it was coming from across the street where workmen are putting in a pool and doing landscaping. But I followed the sound to my office, where my laptop displayed a blue screen that said it was doing a total dump of memory.

Aaak. (The second screech was mine.) It wouldn’t turn off, so I jerked out the battery.

After dinner, I put the battery back in and restarted. A poor, pathetic string of blinking blue lights appeared in the blackness of the screen. And nothing more.

I headed off to the Nerd Squad, or whatever they’re called. The diagnosis?

I’m screwed. Most likely the hard drive is corrupted and everything’s lost. Gone. Nothing. Nevermore.


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