Monday, March 03, 2008

New York – Center of the Book Universe

You may have heard that the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes were announced recently. There are nominees in 7 categories, including Biography, Fiction, First Fiction, History, Mystery/Thriller, Poetry, and Young Adult Fiction.

What you may not have noticed is that the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes finalists were announce in … New York. Okay. Los Angeles is movies and New York is books. That makes sense. But isn’t the publishing industry spreading out? Agents are in Los Angeles, Denver, all over the states. Small presses are everywhere. And self-publishing is global. So why wouldn’t the LA Times keep up with the times and hold the ceremony in Los Angeles?

If you’re interested in what the Los Angeles Times had to say about why, read their blog. David Ulin, the LA Times’ blogger said:
After all, despite significant growth in regional imprints, American publishing remains rooted in New York City, much as the movie business is in Hollywood. In fact, I’ve always found significant similarities between the two industries--their clubbiness, their small-town love of gossip--with the exception that in Hollywood, there’s real money to be made….For The Times, then, throwing a book party in New York offers a way of connecting with the industry, of presenting ourselves to a roomful of editors, writers, publishers and journalists all in one place. It’s also a way of celebrating books and book culture--which is, by its nature, national or international in scope.

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