Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Critique Groups

Thinking about starting or joining a critique group?

There are four women in Boston who seemed to have hit on the right combination of people and structure. A little over two years ago, they formed their critique group, meeting every two weeks. Now, two of them have sold books and the other two are poised to follow their path.

During their meetings, they not only critique for each other, they discuss the publishing business. They set out their guidelines and have stuck with them. Meeting every other Monday, they devote the first hour to verbally critiquing 20-page excerpts from two of the four women. The critiques are constructive and the one being critiqued remains silent. The second hour, they discuss business – agents, workshops, and other publishing news.

And they’ve stuck with this – even when one of them left Boston and moved to California. Yep, she’s still part of the group. She attends meetings via speakerphone.

A year and a half ago, they started a blog called The Writers’ Group to share their technique and inspiration.

Four women who wanted to realize their dream of being published joined together, stuck together, and are making it happen together.

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