Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Website for Unpublished Writers

Here’s an idea out of New Zealand. Not necessarily new, but interesting, nonetheless. The Scoop Independent News published a press release from a website called Worthy Of Publishing.

The site, less than two months old, is designed for unpublished writers to put up a synopsis of their book and as many chapters as they want to include. Then book lovers go to the site and give feedback and vote on what they would like to see published. The service is free for both writers and readers.

According to the article, the more positive feedback an unpublished book receives, the greater the chance that a publisher will pick it up. Aaron Cook, the Director of, said:
The website has already started to attract the attention of some local and international publishers who are keeping an eye on new content that may be worthy of publishing.

Jenny Harrison from Authors Direct said in the future publishers won’t need a slush pile. All they will need is this website.

Keep in mind, this was a press release from Worthy of Publishing, so it was written either by the people directly involved in the website or their marketing team. But do you think it’s a good idea? Would you post a synopsis and chapters from your work?

Do you think publishers are prowling (or will prowl) the site in search of the next great unknown author?

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