Thursday, December 06, 2007

Margaret Baacke, Author , Coming Next Thursday

Next Thursday, Margaret Baacke will be stopping by Straight From Hel, to talk about her book, "Tainted Blood?: Memoirs of a Part-Jewish Girl in the Third Reich 1933-1945."

Dr. Baacke and her twin brother were born in 1923 during the difficult post World War I era and experienced the even harsher period of World War II and the post war period. With her twin brother Hans, Margaret (Gretel) Baacke joined the Hitler Youth at an early age; but as "Quarter Jews" they were both expelled after two years. Hans fought at the Russian front. Margaret was drafted for a year to the Reich Labor Service and War Auxiliary Service, and then worked in a Luftwaffe Hospital near Königsberg, East Prussia, from where she, with hospital staff and patients, fled westward by ship to avoid the approaching Soviet army.

In “Tainted Blood?” Baacke interweaves stories of terror, strength, courage and even joy.

Baacke entered Writer’s Digest’s Self-Published Book Awards. This is part of the commentary she received:
I loved this book….it’s 400 pages of fantastic writing. The author has a real way with words. I love her subtlety, her lack of clichés. I love the gentle humor in such a harrowing tale. I love that she made me see another side to such a major chunk of history, to understand how anyone could have stood behind Hitler. I was gripped by this story and thought about it day and night.

She'll talk about her book, especially the research and the process of publishing it through Author House. So stop by next Thursday, December 13th. You won't be disappointed since Dr. Baacke has a lot to say and doesn't pull punches.

In the meantime, you can find out more about Margaret Baacke and “Tainted Blood?: Memoirs of a Part Jewish Girl in the Third Reich 1933-1945” on her Author House page, including a video interview with Baacke.

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