Friday, November 09, 2007

Susan Wittig Albert’s Visit to Straight From Hel

Susan Wittig Albert has set the date when she’ll be stopping by Straight From Hel on her blog tour. Drum roll, please… Next Thursday, the 15th. You can see her entire blog tour schedule online.

Susan is such a great writer. She generously sent me a copy of her latest book in the Cottage Tales series, which centers around Beatrix Potter, called The Tale of Hawthorn House. I’m reading it now. This is the fourth in the series. If you’ve been reading her books, then you know they are unique in voice, setting, characters (and that includes a host of animals), and style.

When I read the first book, The Tale of Hill Top Farm, I knew these books would be different. One thing that makes them special is her use of the narrator. That’s what she’ll be discussing in her blog post for Straight From Hel. So, if you’d like to learn about the role of a narrator in a book, be sure to visit here next Thursday. If you can read The Tale of Hawthorn House before then, that’s great. But if not, don’t worry, she’s going to give examples.

Susan is a national bestselling author. She writes both fiction and nonfiction. If you look at the inside of her book, you’ll see she lists 36 books. Two nonfiction and thirty four fiction spread out over three series. And I know that’s not her complete list.

I first met Susan years ago when she came out with her first nonfiction, Work of Her Own. I still have my copy. It was actually the first booksigning I ever went to. I was scared to ask an author for her signature, but she was so nice and generous that she made it easy.

If you’re jealous that she sent me a copy of The Tale of Hawthorn House, then I’ve got good news for you. She’s going to give away three copies, just for visitors to Straight From Hel. In her post, she’ll tell you how to enter your name in the give-away. I told you she was generous!

So, I hope to see a lot of you stopping by – and posting some comments for her.

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  1. Rhonda Hedderich11/15/2007 7:53 AM

    I Have two questions for Susan. One is probably asked a lot. "How do you come up with plots for your books?" The next question has to do with construction of the novel. How do you do that? Do you make and outline. I have heard some authors say they have no idea how it will end til they write it and others say they actually plan the ending at the very beginning than all they have to do is fill in the middle. What works best for you? Thanks Rhonda Hedderich


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