Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Thirsty Mind

When I travel, I try to visit bookstores and then blog about them here or write about them in my newsletter, Doing It Write. I’m not traveling at the moment, but thought I’d mention a local independent bookstore.

As far as I know A Thirsty Mind is the closest bookstore to me. It’s in the neighboring town of Lakeway. It’s not on a main road, so check the map before you head that way. It’s also not a huge store. But it has a nice selection of the latest releases, best-sellers and local authors, and since it’s not huge, you can actually find what you’re looking for without a map. There are also gifty things available. The store itself is open, bright, and inviting. There are comfy chairs to sit in while you browse.

Pam Headrick, the owner, is usually there, and if she’s not, Anita probably is, so introduce yourself and tell them “hi” for me. The nice thing about a smaller store, locally owned, with great people working there is that if you need any help finding anything or deciding what to get, you’ll get advice fast. And both Pam and Anita know their books and authors.

A Thirsty Mind also has lots of events going on. You can sign up for their newsletter to keep up on author signings and other local artists, including musicians, coming to the store. And Pam has plans to put book reviews up on the website.

And if you’re so inclined, you can cozy up to the check-out-slash-bar and buy a glass of wine while you get to know the owners and other people stopping by to chat.

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