Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reading in the Dark

This will be a short post because I've been having computer problems. New ones. Last night, my computer went black, literally. I thought it had gone to sleep. Nope. It just went black. Did the usual, took out the battery, restarted. Black.

This morning, turned it on. Black. Tried to call my tech guy. He's disappeared. Probably black too, considering his phone number didn't work anymore. Probably means I won't be getting the memory chip he was supposed to have ordered for me either.

Called the ubiquitous tech guy in India. He got my screen lit up again, although I'm not sure it was the fifteen things we did or the last one that worked. Problem was, I then had a pink screen. Not a lively or neon pink, but a light, sickly, pink. You'd think black or blue ink on a pink background wouldn't be bad. You'd be wrong.

But on my own, I got it to go white again. Much easier on the eyes.

Unfortunately, the day's half done and I'm way behind on work. This sort of things happen to all the time. You have pages you need to get written or edited, and something comes up to throw you off. Some things, like dusting, can be put off. Some things like a black screen on your computer can't. You gotta go with the flow. Just don't let so many things distract you that your flow gets totally blocked.

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