Saturday, July 14, 2007

Changes Afoot

You probably noticed I didn’t post yesterday. Had problems with my computer or with the site or something. Kept getting an error message every time I tried to go to it, but I could get to it on a different computer. Finally, after being frustrated all day, I went into the template for the blog and deleted the last change I’d made. That worked. But I’m still confused. If the problem was in the blog template stored on Blogger, why did it only affect my computer?

Ah well, I’m back up. So, on to other things.

First off, last Thursday in New York, ThrillerFest started. I’m sure everyone there is having a stompin’ good time. I’m jealous of you all!

Another thing that might be of interest to those of you who are Romance writers or Mystery writers: changes have been made within both RWA and MWA.

According to Writer Unboxed, several changes were made at the association’s annual conference. It appears those changes have not been posted to the RWA website yet, though, or at least I couldn’t locate them. Writer Unboxed noted changes in the contest categories, as well as requirement to be accepted into the Published Author Network (PAN). You can go to that particular blog post to learn more.

Lee Goldberg, a member of the membership committee for MWA, on his blog announced big changes to the criteria for active status membership for professional authors. Among them:
An author of books must have received a minimum advance of $1,000, royalties of $1,000, or a combination of advances and royalties in at least that amount.

The initial print run for the author's work of fiction or non-fiction must be at least 500 copies.
To find out more, you can go to Goldberg’s blog post or to the MWA site itself.


  1. Interesting changes to note. I guess they're a result of the popularity of self-publishing.

  2. That seems to be what's happening. I wonder if some will lose membership because they don't fit the new requirements.


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