Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Heart's in San Francisco

Sent my daughter off to San Francisco today. Well, actually, I didn’t send her. I just waved as she drove away. It was absolutely wonderful having her here at home for the month of May while she packed and sorted through boxes to get ready for the move. First time she’s lived at home since she went off to college.

So, I was sad to see her go. But I didn’t cry. She’s grown now. I was a little scared since she’s going off to an unknown. Sure, she went away to college, but then I knew where she’d be and what she’d be doing – for the most part. But this is different. She’s an adult and I have no idea what she’ll be doing or where she might go. So, I’ll worry about her.

But this is an adventure for her. It may even be a little scary for her. But she’s up for the challenge. This is the child who went off to a college in a far off state where she knew absolutely no one. This is the child who went to Europe for the summer during college, got a job, made her own plans and living arrangements, and traveled all over the place. Without mom and dad. This is the now-grown child who may not stay in San Francisco since she still wants to travel to other continents.

This is a woman who would make a good protagonist in a novel. The lead character in a book has to have an arc. She already has one. She’s grown from a shy child to an adventuresome, beautiful, loving woman. Who knows where the next few years will take her … where the chapters of her life will take her … or in what new ways she will change because of the discoveries she makes along the way.


  1. Sounds like she's off to discover (or create!) her own bright new world. Good for her! My son (and my baby!) headed off to graduate school in New York City a few years ago, so I can imagine how you felt.

    Wish I'd had that much courage at that age. I love it when these young women create their own wonderful world. Keep us posted on her progress. Syl

  2. I agree, she is so brave and adventuresome. Not sure where she is now. I think they should be somewhere around the Grand Canyon by now. They planned to visit and possibly spend the night around that area.

    Is your son still in NY?


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