Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Check Out Blogs

Today, I’ve been doing a lot of catch-up. Some things around the house, but mostly work related things. Over the weekend, my husband and I finished the shelves in my office closet. The ones we cut, painted and put up were the ones designated for office supplies. So this morning, I started arranging things on them – paper, notebooks, sticky notes, other supplies. Had to go to the grocery store. Then did some work stuff for my husband, who’s out on the road. That involved multiple phone calls, sending emails, working within Outlook, which I don’t particularly like, but am getting used to.

Then I had work to do on my website. I was browsing through it yesterday and realized I had let it get outdated in some areas. So I brought it up to date, then added new side links. Then uploaded it all.

Then I had emails to answer. Part of that involved re-visiting the sites I had tagged in my last blog post. That was fun. Most of the five blogs I noted as Thinking Blogs had posted their own blogs of note. Therese with Writer Unboxed had gone beyond the call and listed more than five. I knew of some of them, but the majority were unknown to me. So I had lots of blogs to go visit. And some to bookmark to go back to again.

Not only is it fun to find new, interesting, blogs, it’s inspiring to see what other people read -- what they consider blogs that make them think. If you get a chance, go visit the blogs I listed. Check them out and see if they’re something you would want to bookmark. Then, if you have time, visit the blogs chosen by the ones I tagged. See if you can come up with some Thinking Blogs of your own. Ones that you enjoy, read, pay attention to. Ones that make you think … or laugh … or wonder … or want to write.

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