Monday, April 30, 2007

Award for Straight From Hel

I and Straight From Hel have been honored with the Thinking Blogger award. How cool is that?

Lillie Ammann at A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye tapped me for the award. Since her blog is one of my favorites, I was honored she listed me among her top five.

She wrote:
Although Helen’s blog is fairly new, she has been making me think about writing for years through her newsletter. I’m glad she’s joined the blogosphere so I don’t have to wait for her newsletter to benefit from her excellent writing advice.
Iker Yoldas at The Thinking Blog created the award to recognize blogs that make people think. Those who receive the award then pass it on to five blogs that make them think. You can find out more about the award and the rules in Thinking Blogger Awards.

I blog about six days a week. That’s a lot of blogging, but, even so, it’s hard to believe I’ve now been blogging at Straight From Hel for almost a year now. Mostly it’s about writing; sometimes it’s about my life or travels. But really, when I think about it, it’s all about writing. And it’s so interesting to visit other blogs, especially by writers. You find out about their thoughts, their beliefs, their projects, their lives.

There are so many bloggers today. I chose five that do indeed make me think. Each is different. Each is interesting. Each is personal.

Sherry Thomas at Plotters & Manipulators United. Sherry writes about her writing and her life and how the two interact. She also has great advice and information, no matter what genre you write.

Marsha Moyer at Marsha Moyer Blog. Marsha’s not afraid to blog about her own writing life, the whole publishing process, and the trials and tribulations of both.

Therese Walsh at Writer Unboxed. Writer Unboxed is a conglomeration of many writers, but one of my favorites is Therese Walsh. She keeps you up on goings-on in the writing world and does interviews with other writers, but also talks about her own writing.

Karen MacInerney at Poisoned Pen Letters. Karen is an award nominated author with two series who is a working mom. Her blog centers around her life. She’s candid, funny, honest, and a great writer.

Eveline Maedel at Ebenezer Scribe – Musings, Poetry, Journeys. Eveline has such a wide variety of interests that you never know what she might be blogging about. Whatever it is, she’ll have you thinking and smiling.

Thank you to Lillie Ammann for passing the Thinking Blogger Award to me. And thank you to everyone who spends part of their day with me here at Straight From Hel.


  1. Hi Helen - nice to "meet" you! Thanks for your kind comments and for tagging me!

  2. Why Eveline, I'd recognize your hat anywhere! Nice to "meet" you as well.

  3. What a lovely surprise this is! Thank you for the tag and the kind words. I'm glad you like the posts, and I hope you keep coming by for visits.

  4. Thanks, Helen, for introducing me to blogs new to me.

  5. Hi again, Helen!

    I added a few new sites of my own in the comment section at Writer Unboxed. Just in case you're interested...


  6. Helen, this is really too funny. Teri Walsh at Writer Unboxed, where I'm a contributor, asked me last week to name a blog that makes me think, since WU was also tagged with a Thinking Blogger award. I told Teri that I've been so wrapped up for the last few months in finishing my 4th book, I haven't had time to visit ANY websites that make me think. (I am, however, fairly well versed in trashy celebrity gossip.) Now you've challenged me with coming up with not one blog, but five! It may take a while; I've just turned in my manuscript and am still trying to regain my equilibrium. But thanks so much for the shout-out.

  7. Hey, I'm excited you've got another book in the pipeline and well on its way, Marsha. Yea! Another one to add to my collection. Helen


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