Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stay on Target

Sometimes I find it difficult to jump-start myself. If I have a project I’m working on and I finally get it finished, then it’s not easy to start on the next project. I end up taking “down time” and relaxing or doing house cleaning, which by that time is usually sorely in need.

But then, the longer I put off starting a new writing project, the harder it is.

I’m thinking I need to either set a time limit for relaxing and stick to that limit … or not take a break at all – immediately start on the next book or story or article or editing work. To be realistic, I probably should do a combination of the two. Allow myself time to decompress, but make that window short. I’m thinking I could give myself one day, a twenty-four hour period, to not think about writing at all. Then hunker down and start the next project.

For me, this is a necessity. I can waste days on cleaning windows or dusting. I can find all kinds of things that I need the computer for, other than writing, like balancing the checkbook or downloading pictures off my camera. I can spend hours reading a book or two. Then there’s always TV to watch – who knew Sanjaya would still be on American Idol after all these weeks? Just writing this, I’m thinking of things I should be doing.

Must. Become. Disciplined. I’m remembering a Star Wars movie, don’t know which one, in which Luke hears a voice in his head: Stay on target, Luke. Stay on target. Guess that should become my own inner mantra.

Stay on target, Hel.

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