Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayers for the Virginia Victims

My thoughts today are with the people of Virginia. Prayers go out for the victims, the survivors, and their families.

As a mother who sent her child off to college in a faraway state, I know the anxiety that goes with not being able to check daily on your child and the worry that something might happen to them. At no time would I have imagined something like this, though.

The coverage reminds me of 9-11, since it’s been practically non-stop. You want to know what’s happening, but listening to it makes your stomach hurt. The TV is playing in the background even now. Around here, of course, it always brings up the sniper in the UT Tower. I was too small to really remember that, but it is an imprint on my mind since I had a sister who was living in Austin at the time. She was working as a telephone operator and has stories to tell about how everything suddenly lit up and the phone lines went crazy. In those days you had to have an operator to make a long distance call.

This story will go on for weeks as more information is uncovered. But for the victims, the survivors and the families, it will go on forever.

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