Monday, April 23, 2007

The Poet, Sangria and Fajitas

Still not finished with The Poet yet. Closer, but not done. This weekend proved quite busy. We had two different house guests on two different nights. Then tonight there will be twelve at my house for dinner, so Friday I went to the grocery store to get dry ingredients and to the liquor store to get wet ingredients. Then Saturday I went back to the grocery store for produce. Yesterday and today are taken up with cooking. The main dish will be fajitas, which would be okay if that’s all there was. But you can’t have fajitas without having a whole slew of other dishes. Like Spanish Rice and Black Bean Soup. And Refried Beans. And all the fixings that go with those dishes. And then there’s Caribbean Tres Leches Cake. And Sangria. Gotta have Sangria. You wouldn’t think there’d be much work in Sangria, but you got all that fruit to chop. And then there’s taste testing. The soup, of course. Not the Sangria. Well … you do want to make sure you got the right mix of brandy, grand marnier, and triple sec.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, books. The Poet. The book is still holding up. Although the protagonist has now done something I wish he hadn’t. He did something stupid. Not forgetful or thoughtless. Just stupid. If he’d done something like this in the beginning of the book, it would have been okay. But this late in the book, I hoped he had learned. It feels not only out of character for him. But just stupid.

Hasn’t stopped me from reading. Not today, though. Right now, I need to run to the store. I need an onion and a bell pepper, or two. And I need to go check that Sangria right now. I might need to make another run to the liquor store. Wonder what time they open?

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