Thursday, March 15, 2007

Technology Snafu

I would scream, “I hate technology,” but that would do no good. If I thought it would, I would run around the room waving my arms while I screamed.

Alas, I’m doomed to try different things, hoping either something will work or I won’t screw things up too badly. (Envision the village idiot locked in a pitch-black room while a siren alarms “fire!”) Or I call in my youngest child to do it for me. Unfortunately, she doesn’t live at home anymore.

So, I’m on my own most of the time.

For a while I was having problems with my website. It disappeared. No idea why, or I should say, no idea what I did. (Idiot bangs into a wall.) Talked to experts online, fumbled around myself. (Idiot crashes into another wall, breaking big toe.) Daughter steps in, finesses her way through the foreign language that is computer-ese. Website back up and running.

Totally lost email. Managed to get dribbles back. (Idiot sits in middle of room and pats self on the back.) Realized I need a host that offers tech support. This one does not. Daughter helps me sign up with a new host.

I manage to go to my domain registrar and redirect site to new host. (Cheering in the dark room.) Site is up and I think it’s moved to the new host. “Think” is the operative word here since I’m not sure. Managed to fumble my way to my new webmail box. It’s working. One legitimate email and 52 spam. But it’s working. (Idiot dances.) I think getting mail in the new web box (even spam) means the site has been correctly directed to the new host. Haven’t a clue how to create new boxes, so I go to the website and change all links for email to the only web box I have:

Now I need daughter to unlock the door and show me how to create more eboxes. Until then, I’m just dancing in the dark.

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