Friday, March 16, 2007

On My Reading Table

I seem to be on a “cozy” reading spree. For a while, I was reading action suspense. Read Lee Child’s entire list. Now, I’m trying cozies. Although not a big fan of cozies, I’m finding I like them. They’re fun. They’re fast reads. They’re entertaining. I see them as puzzles.

I read Karen MacInerney’s books then picked up Nancy Bell’s first book, Biggie and the Poisoned Politician. It’d been on my shelf for years. I even started reading it a long time ago. This time I started over from the beginning and read it through. Nancy has such a true Southern voice. Her books have quirky characters and a warm point of view character, J.R.

As soon as I have my bookshelves completed, I’m going to dig out my books from storage and find the other books by Nancy Bell and read them, as well. I discovered she has a whole new series I didn’t even know about.

In the meantime, my cousin emailed from Tennessee and told me about a new author she’d found – Ann B. Ross. I’d never heard of her Miss Julia series, but Rhonda just loves her books. So, I’ll start reading them. I’ve ordered Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, which I believe is the first in the series.

It’s chilly here today. A perfect day to take an hour and read.

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