Monday, February 05, 2007

Susan Wittig Albert

This past Saturday I went to hear Susan Wittig Albert speak at a local Barnes & Noble store. Susan is a best-selling author of multiple series. On Saturday she talked about her Beatrix Potter series. More specifically, she talked about Beatrix Potter and the research Susan has done in order to write the series.

If I had to peg Susan into a genre, it would be mystery. In addition to this Beatrix Potter series, she write the China Bayles mystery series, and she and her husband have written a Victorian mystery series under the name Robin Paige. But you can’t just tap her as only mystery since she’s written nonfiction and over 60 novels for young adults. You can go to her website to see a list.

Plus, Susan founded the now national organization called Story Circle Network. There are now Story Circles around the states and on the Internet, with the goal of helping women write their life stories.

But, back to her talk… Susan has done a ton of research on Beatrix Potter and probably could write a nonfiction book on her. She said that with this series, she’s now done the bulk of the necessary research, including traveling to England.

Susan is very organized. She knows how many days it will take to write a book. She knows what her schedule is and what she needs to do. She would have to be organized to keep up with all she does. Plus, she makes her living as a writer.

If Susan Wittig Albert is speaking at a place near you, go hear her. She’s very open to questions about her books or about writing in general. And tell her Helen Ginger said “hi.”

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