Friday, February 02, 2007

New Award for Authors

I included information about a new award called The SAGE in yesterday’s issue of Doing It Write. It’s a brand new award that I thought I ought to mention here as well.

This award is so new, the tea to announce it was just held this past Sunday. At that gathering, the Barbara Burnett Smith Mentoring Foundation announced the 1st annual SAGE award in honor of Barbara Burnett Smith.

Barbara, past president of the international Sisters in Crime organization for mystery writers, is best known for her series, Purple Sage Mysteries. Before her death, she had started a second series, "A Bead on Trouble."

The SAGE award will be given to the author who most demonstrates a spirit of mentoring to those in the writing community. A committee of writing peers will choose the person, but the nominees will come from writers like you.

The foundation seeks to spotlight those who have worked to mentor other writers.

You can nominate an author who has helped you and others. Think of those writers who have been an inspiration, have given advice, have given the nudge or encouragement to fellow writers or have helped you in your quest to be published. The nominated authors do not have to be from Texas, but could come from anywhere. They can be from any genre.

Nomination is easy. Write a letter explaining why this person should win the award. The letter should be no longer than one page. Send the letter to:
The Barbara Burnett Smith Mentoring Authors Foundation
SAGE Award Nomination
9015 Fairway Hills Drive
Austin, TX 78750

Send in your nominations -- I'm sending mine.

Hopefully soon, more information will be available at:
In the meantime, you can email:

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