Saturday, December 30, 2006

Confessions of a Wimp

Yesterday was not a fun day. Interesting? Okay, I’ll give you that. Scary? Definitely. Mesmerizing? In a peek-through-the-fingers kind of way. Calming? No. I say again, no.

I left the house at 2 p.m. Got home around eight. In-between I watched seven lasik eye surgeries. Aaaiii. No, it did not get easier as the day wore on.

It all started because my husband decided to get lasik eye surgery. He got the left eye done yesterday and will get the other done in two weeks. He can’t drive himself home, so I went along. The place we went to has two waiting rooms. The first one was full, so we went to the one in the back. … The waiting area right by the glassed-walled surgery room.


Not only can you watch every movement of the doctor and nurses, they have a big monitor with the close up of the eye as the doctor works. Aaaiii!!

You see them clamping open the upper and lower eye lids. You see them slicing off the upper layer of the eye. You see them in color mopping and scrubbing and lasering and aaaiii!!!

By the time they got to my husband, there were only three people left who didn’t work there. A woman and her husband who refused to leave the front waiting room ... and me – the pacing, cringing, grimacing, peeking-through-fingers idiot in the back area. It’s much worse watching it being done on someone you know. Aaaiii!

This is why I don’t write horror. Now … I’ve written some intense scenes from the antagonist’s point of view. But I don’t like horror movies and I don’t write horror. And I could imagine a horror scene or two based on what I saw yesterday. Shoot, someone may have already written such a thing, but since I don’t watch or read horror, I wouldn’t know.

I am … a wimp.

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