Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stop the Spam

Yesterday, I received an odd email. Don’t know how I got on their spam list. According to the fine print at the bottom of the email, I requested to be on their list, but I sure don’t remember doing it, especially since I’d never heard of them before. First off, here’s the letter (misspellings are theirs):

Dear Author:

In celebration of the opening of our new website you can have an agent review, and critique your query letter. A written critique and ten minute telephone consultation will be provided to each person who buys, and reviews Beyond Peleliu on

New York Times bestselling author of Dead Man Walking, Sister Helen Prejean says,” A must read book, not only for those who fought in World War II, but for all of us living in a time of many wars around the globe. This book can be a source of forgiveness and healing for those who inherit the demons of war.”

In a story that rivals The Christmas Box for pulling heart strings, Beyond Peleliu brings home the agony, and subsequent redemption, of one soldiers father-son relationship.

The book has been featured in The Arizona Republic, The Salt Lake Deseret News, The Philadelphia Legal Intelligencer, The American Medical Association Journal, The Arizona Attorney, and ABA’s Litigation Magazine; with more on the way from The California Bar Journal, The Chicago Bar Journal, and The New York Bar Journal. An NPR syndicated journalist, and his local FOX News channel also interviewed Beyond Peleliu author Peter Baird about the book.

Please buy your copy today and help spread the word about this wonderful book.
When you are done visit our new site at and find out about our vision for the future.

*Authors wishing to take advantage of the free critique must send a copy of their sales receipt and query to GTR, Inc., 3140 S. Peoria St., #295, Aurora, CO 80014

*Offer valid on sales between 9/17/06 and 10/01/06

*GTR, Inc. is not responsible for, nor do we participate in the active assistance of writers seeking representation, nor is this an offer or guarantee of representation.

*You have at some time requested to be on this mailing list. To be removed please respond to this e-mail and reply with “Remove”

Okay, let me get this straight. They have a new website. If I go to it, I can buy the book they’re promoting. If I buy the book then I get a written critique and a ten-minute phone consultation of a query letter, if I send them a copy of the book receipt and the query letter.

Okay, here’s something a little fishy. Global Talent Reps supposedly represent authors, among other artists. Yet, another fine print point at the end of the email says: “GTR, Inc. is not responsible for, nor do we participate in the active assistance of writers seeking representation…” They don’t assist writers seeking representation? What the *&#?

On their website, it appears GTR, Inc. has an arm called National Writers Literary Agency. But no where in this email is that mentioned. It’s all lumped together as GTR. Yet GTR doesn’t actively assist writers seeking representation. But they’ll look at my query if I buy their book.

Oh please. I’m not an idiot. And, hopefully, neither are the thousands of other writers they spammed.

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