Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gordon Andrews on Blogging

I’m happy to announce another Guest Blogger. Today, we hear from Gordon Andrews about his views on blogs. Gordon is a writer, editor and blogger. He’s written freelance articles through the years on historical, technology and railroad-related subjects and has edited newsletters for model railroad groups. He wrote, “I am currently working on several fiction projects including a novel which I hope to sell.”

I would add that Gordon is most likely organized. He would have to be to do all that, plus work for over thirty years in Information Technology. He’s now working in the field of Rapid Prototyping. And, yes, I had to ask what in the world was Rapid Prototyping.

Here’s Gordon Andrews:


I find the idea of blogs interesting.

I've attempted to write my own blog.

Sometimes it is simply a way to get my thoughts going in the morning. Sometimes the thoughts happen late and night.

I find that my blog sometimes contains thoughts and words that are reflections of ideas that do not fit into anything else I'm writing. Sometimes the blog is "playground time."

I break the unwritten rule of blogs that used to suggest that each entry contains a hot link to another page on the Internet. Many people seem to take this approach.

I do read other blogs but then I enjoy reading.

Some blogs are fascinating for the graphics and the use of coding. Some are well written and some (like mine) could use some tender loving care. My excuse for not editing is that I'm trying to have some fun.

I'm not so committed to the idea of blogging that I feel guilt if I do not make a daily entry.

Like it or not I suspect that blogs may be a hint of the progression of writing.

I haven't found Blogs that remind me of Proust or Joyce. Blogs often resemble sound bites. They are more like the writings of Thompson or dare I suggest Wolfe. I doubt very seriously if we'll ever see a fictional novel that resembles a blog but I suspect that short stories and even poetry will morph to look a bit more "blog-ish."

Blogs - take them or leave them. They are what they are. I believe it was Wolfe used the idea of "mind candy" or perhaps "eye candy" and I'll be so bold as to suggest that many blogs are just this. I don't think they will rot my brain or my teeth. As for whether blogs take too much of my time I can only suggest that blogs will have to stand in line behind cable news, old movies on cable, New Yorker magazine, and chatting with my family and friends (not necessarily in that order.)
THANK YOU GORDON. And, in case you were wondering, here’s what Gordon said about Rapid Prototyping:
“Rapid Prototyping is creating 3-D drawings. From these drawings a computer controlled machine can create a model based on the drawings.

“For instance:
This model is less than 1 inch in length yet all of the detail including hinges, locks and door knobs are accurately produced. (These dog houses were shelters for brakemen on coal tenders attached to steam locomotives)

On another page is the wooden boxcar I'm working on. Needless to say I can take anything and create scale models. With the right equipment I could make full size equipment for a price.

Rapid Prototyping is used in industrial application to design parts and equipment and make 3-D models relatively cheap before setting up equipment to machine the parts.

FROM HELEN: Don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m impressed. Thanks Gordon.

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