Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Book Shop in Sheridan, Wyoming

This week I’ve been traveling through Colorado, Wyoming and a bit of Montana. As I go, I try to stop in at places that might be of interest to writers. I’ve already talked about UCross and plan to talk about another writing residency called Jentel, but today, I’m “reviewing” a book store I visited.

While in Sheridan, I stepped in The Book Shop at 117 North Main Street. Although not a big store, it was interesting. Lots of books, of course, but also CDs. A small area was dedicated to chairs and headphones so you could preview the music.

It looked like the owner put out coffee in the mornings. I was there about midday, so the only thing out was some chips.

There were a few gifties or knick-knacks, but the emphasis was books. The main part of the long, rectangular store was set aside for adult books. The second section of the shop was for children’s books, including a play area with lots of books for kids to read and thumb through. After that, the last area of the store was used books.

Since the store was shaped like a long box, there weren’t the cozy nooks some bookstores have for sitting and reading, but there were chairs, even small tables with two chairs.

If you’re in Sheridan, Wyoming, check out The Book Shop.

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