Sunday, June 09, 2013

In Case You Missed This 6-9-13

This is the first in a series of "In Case You Missed This" pieces. Each post will contain excerpts from an article having to do with writing or publishing. At the end of each post will be a link to the full article. I hope you find it interesting/useful/informative.

"Codex Group: Ebooks to Level Off at 30% of Publishing Revenues, With Caveats"

<< The question used to be when — not if — ebook revenues would comprise 50% or more of all book publishing revenues in the U.S. >>

<< ... Hildick-Smith believes that ebook revenues will top out and plateau at 30% of all book publishing revenues. >>

<< If Hildick-Smith’s prediction proves true, it could be good news for bricks-and-mortar retail booksellers, book printers and packagers and publishers.... >>

<< Physical booksellers have struggled to make money on the ebook revolution. >>

<< Book printers, packagers and distributors obviously do less business the fewer physical books that are purchased. >>

<< ... the sheer amount of dollars that a publisher is able to take in as profit from the sale of a single hardcover unit often exceeds the take on the sale of an ebook. >>

 To read this story on the DBW site, go to:


  1. Hi Helen .. I can see print books being around - just not sure the best way will be of us being able to find them ..

    If the big stores/supermarkets can undercut the smaller independent stores - then the masses will go there ..

    .. but specialist bookshops will be around as long as someone with the knowledge does supply appropriate books ...

    It's an interesting time .. I'd hate to study via a screen .. so I'd buy serious books and often others .. ebooks would be for more ephemeral buys ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. I think 30% is low. When I've gone to book groups, there's only been one or two peoplewho have actually purchased the printed book, all the others come brandishing Kindles.


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