Monday, April 22, 2013

Connect with Others

I may have written about this before. What haven't I written about over the past years of Straight From Hel? Whether I have or not, it's good to be reminded that writers need writers.

Even if you live in some remote area with no writing groups around, connect with other writers online.

You can learn from other writers -- both what they've done right and had success at, and what they've done wrong and regret.

If an agent writes that s/he is interested in your manuscript, you have writers you can turn to and ask if they know anything about him/her.

Other writers who have self-published an ebook can be resources for you to turn to when you decide to do that. And in return, you can help those who come after you.

You can connect with other writers online. Comment on their blog, not just once, but consistently, until you come to be a regular. Meet them on GoodReads and Facebook and Twitter.

Join a local critique group or writers organization. Join a book club. It doesn't have to be a large group. Connect with one or two writers in your area and start occasionally lunching with them or even meeting at a bar for drinks.

Writing is usually a solo profession. But it doesn't have to be lonely. Step away from the computer once in
awhile. Remember what it's like to talk to someone one-on-one instead of via email.


  1. Such a good point, Helen! I really depend on the writing community for's a lonely job otherwise, and non-writers rarely "get" it. :)

  2. It's amazing what a small world the internet can be! I feel as if I know you, Helen, and you, Elizabeth, from being in groups, on Facebook, Twitter, reading your blogs, visiting some of the same blogs, and so on. It's such fun, too, to go to a convention or signing and meet internet friends face to face.

    Helen, you're so right, that it's important to connect with other writers. I'm lucky to be around a lot of writers and people who appreciate writing, but so many people have no one. The internet has been a great blessing in that way.

    Good post, as always!

    Marian Allen
    Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

  3. Hi Elizabeth. Hi Marian.

    Sitting at your desk all day writing or researching can make for a lonely day. It's important to have online friends as well as in-person friends (and friends who live only in our heads), especially if they're writers and understand the process of writing.

  4. Hi Helen .. I get lots of rapport with fellow bloggers and that does make a difference, while we can learn too ...

    Yet - the physical friends are so much a part of being human ... but I love the both!

    Cheers Hilary

  5. I agree Hilary. I had lunch with two friends today. Hadn't seen either in quite a while. Had a great time!


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