Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I haven't looked this up, but I suspect the word "vacation" comes from or is the kissing cousin of the word "vacate". You leave or vacate your everyday work life and go play, whether it's out in your backyard or across the globe.

That description or definition fit the word ten or twenty years ago. Not so much anymore. We take our computers and our phones with us. We're on vacation, yet we continue to work.

I’m currently on vacation with my husband. Our son is housesitting for us, so the house won't be vacated. So instead of vacating the refrigerator of food, I had to stock it up.

My husband took his computer, his Blackberry and his iPad. I'll brought my iPad and my iPhone. I said I wasn't going to take my computer, but I changed my mind. I’m going to try not to be online. My goal is to actually vacation. If I post here on Straight From Hel, it may just be updates on our vacation.

Nothing personal. I love you all. But I'm hoping I won't have time to post more than quick updates.



  1. ...enjoy your time off, Helen ;)
    Our vacation begins this weekend...heading south!


  2. I hope not to see you again until you're back!! I could vacation without my laptop but I would have to take my journal and I must admit to a growing fondness for my Kindle. Have a good, unconnected time!

  3. I hope I don't hear from you until you're home. Have fun!

  4. Try to REALLY vacation. Vacate your mind as well. It's more fun that way. ;)
    Have a good time and relax!

  5. truly - relax, contemplate everything else except a bluescreen, and have fun

  6. Have a wonderful vacation. I feel more relaxed just thinking of you relaxing!

  7. Hi Helen .. enjoy - just lovely to be away .. cheers Hilary


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