Monday, June 11, 2012

We're Now Seating at the Corner Café

A group of writers got together and created a short story anthology called The Corner Café. We're inviting all of you to come on in, take a seat and enjoy the tales.  All month long we have a special going on: A Blog Tour with each author posting on a blog. Every day, I'll link to the Corner Café blog post. You'll get to meet the authors and hear about the anthology.

The Corner Cafe costs only 99 cents. We're keeping the price low so everyone can afford to buy the book, but we're not keeping any of the royalties. All royalties will go to a charity.

Today's special is cooking over on Marian Allen's blog.

You can tip here at the Corner Café:  Just Like, Tweet, Facebook, G+, or whatever you can do to help us get the word out.


  1. Lovely lovely lovely concept.

  2. I downloaded it this weekend. I've read a few so far, including yours, which I really enjoyed. I love the idea of all these stories attached to the same cafe!


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